Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reina Turns Two!

If you are reading this post for entertainment, there is a WARNING ALERT that this may be boring unless you are in love with our little girl. I want to keep up with Reina's development as she reaches new ages and phases of life! So here is where she is at as of her 2nd birthday (1.8.2011)

Height: 36 inches= 94% average percentile (taken 1.12.2011)

Weight: 28.3 lbs.= 71% average percentile (taken 1.12.2011)

Vocabulary: She can speak in many complete sentences, and can speak as well as a 3 year old (in my opinion of course). We are able to understand ALMOST everything Reina says. As of now she can say most letters except for "R" as she calls herself "Meena". This is kind of cute though because it's a mix of "me" and "Reina"!

Songs: Still LOVES singing the "Bumblebee" song and "Rock-a-Bye Baby" when it's time for bed. Often she will sing songs that I haven't sang to her before or haven't sang in months....must be from nursery or Mummi's. Reina can sing the majority of the ABC song....correctly. Just this last Sunday she was singing the ABC song to a young woman at church during sacrament meeting (quietly in the back rows) and sang it well except for the LMNO part in which she chattered her teeth instead. Paul and I, and the young woman were laughing under our breaths! I am pleased that she can sing in-tune! I cringe when someone is out-of-tune or off-rhythm (but maybe we will have a child who lacks this ability so I learn to tolerate it)! I think she may be an alto like her Grandma Guinn as her singing voice is somewhat low. I am noticing more and more how much she takes after her Grandma Guinn! They are also alike in that they both love to read, don't like to eat the same thing two days in a row (leftovers), are friendly and polite (Reina always says "thank you" and "your welcome"), concerned if someone is sad or hurt (Reina will say "You alright?"), similar body frame and hair, like things to be put away in their place, and witty.

Favorites: As soon as she gets to Mummi's house in the morning, she puts on her Minnie Mouse dress that apparently no one else DARES to touch as she has claimed it and then asks for "moosik" (music) to dance to. When Reina wants to do her own thing she grabs a book, draws or paints with watercolors. She is becoming quite the pro at making circles! Reina still loves to wear boots, always has to have her coat/shirt buttoned or zipped, and reminds me that she needs a hat on to go outside. On Saturday mornings she spends time with daddy watching "Yo Gabba-Gabba". I think daddy likes the show just as much as she does! This is the only t.v. watching she does, and maybe a little Sesame Street some mornings. And most recently, Reina likes to go to bed with a hard, plastic miniature dollhouse size computer desk! Silly girl!

More funny stories: Recently she has climbed out of her crib at Mummi's house during naptime, and only twice at home. Luckily this had ended. During one of those occasions at home, Paul went to her room and peaked in. She was pulling a hanger up around her waist and when she realized daddy was watching she quickly pointed to her bottom and said "a poo-poo" (she knew that there HAD to be a reason why she was up and out of her bed).

Other landmarks: She still continues to go potty on the toilet #1 and/or#2 at least twice a day, but doesn't love to do it like she used to. We haven't pushed her too much with potty-training as it will happen at her pace. Still likes to eat healthy foods like cabbage soup, broccoli, celery, fruit, eggs, rye crackers and chicken...surprisingly she has never been a fan of mac & cheese, potatoes and some other kid favorites. Reina can put puzzles together quite fast for her age. I can take two puzzles and mix up all the pieces and she can put them all back in their place (of course we're talking about the baby puzzles, not traditional tongue and groove kind). She can somersault completely on her own and can count to12, skipping some numbers here and there...

We celebrated her birthday a week early since my oldest sister, Tarja and her children Reagan, Kamryn and Ethan were in town from California and had a multi-birthday party with my sister Sanni's family as well. I sure wish Reagan and Kamryn lived closer because she LOVED to play with them! I would definitely hire them to babysit!

We feel grateful to have a happy, healthy girl. This is all we asked for, so anything beyond this is an outpouring of rich blessings. We thank our Heavenly Father daily for her and pray for more.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye, Hello

Dear 2010,

Thanks for a TOUGH year! We knew that you would be difficult, but didn't know that you would be so LONG. You have been difficult for us as a family and hope that all of our hard work and commitment will pay off with your younger brother 2011. We do really appreciate the joy we have had with seeing Reina grow and advance. She has been such a blessing! We can't believe how wonderful, smart, funny, silly, quick, witty, determined, entertaining, and pretty she is. She could be labeled "Miss Personality" as she DOES have a bucket of it and continues to spill over with more. We have been blessed to have a wonderful family who has helped us with our difficult situation of being apart from each other 5 days out of the week; a roof over our head and the BEST learning center with her Mummi (my mom's childcare center). And also for my job. I do love it and don't want to give it up, but will gladly do it if we can be together as a family. Our fingers are crossed and our prayers are going out daily for a better 2011. We have grown this last year and are ready for a little TLC. So PLEASE tell your brother 2011 to give us a break!

Thanks again,
Paul, Aliisa & Reina

P.S. I know this letter may sound a little harsh, but we are more blessed than ever to have this sweet little girl. She is the best Christmas gift we have ever received, so thank you (even though we got her from your older brother 2009) :)