Friday, August 28, 2015

Third Trimester

As this last stage of my third pregnancy winds down, I feel a bit of sadness that I am done. I am not the typical girl who just can’t wait to “have her body back” and feel back to normal. I love this abnormal. I love to feel the constant kicking or alien-like maneuvers of a knee or elbow contorting my tummy. I love feeling like a real woman. With the trials I have in my life, being pregnant is probably only second to being with my husband and children as the greatest joy in my life. It is my children who are my greatest blessing and not an easy blessing for me to receive. I do have to admit that I don’t suffer from morning sickness or any other pregnancy pains that many women have. Being diabetic creates other, more long-lasting concerns and challenges with my pregnancy. Due to this disease, I have far more doctor’s appointments, stress tests, and ultrasounds to check on the baby’s development- especially in this last trimester. Surprisingly, this pregnancy has gone better than my other two! Reina showed signs of some stress, but not enough to induce too early. She was also my introduction to diabetes. With Baelor I had low amniotic fluid which required fluids via IV a couple of times. I would have never known there were any issues since both pregnancies felt great! This time, there have been no issues at all. Baby looks, sounds, and moves just perfect! If I could just keep my blood sugar controlled! But there are just certain things that I cannot help.
I’ve tried to take weekly photos of the pregnancy. For the most part I’ve done a pretty good job, but have missed some weeks here and there. It’s fun to see the changes from week to week.
I’m working all the way up to 38 weeks which is when they will induce me. I get a lot of stares and concern from parents and other teachers about teaching teenagers how to drive with being so pregnant. You would assume they feel even safer with their child, considering I am willing to put myself in this situation! I just assure them that I’ve done this two other times and still have not had a car accident to date.

27 weeks
28 weeks
29 weeks
30 weeks

31 weeks
34 weeks
36 weeks
35 weeks
36 weeks
38 weeks

Besides working, getting in little vacations and summer fun, we’ve done some projects around the house as well. It always seems I’m starting another project before finishing up one. I always wonder why I do this and vow not to take on another project, but I always fail miserably and do more than I can handle at once. It must be my need to fulfill something…not sure what though.
It was fun seeing friends I haven’t seen for a very long time at my baby shower. It was HOT if we all look greasy.

It has actually been the hottest summer in Vancouver since I can remember! Seriously, the one summer I am very pregnant is the summer it is the hottest AND we don’t have air-conditioning (why would we?). We’ve taken lots of trips to the river at Cottonwood beach since summer has been so long.

Paul and I have tried to guess whether we will have a little Reina look or a Baelor look. Or can there possibly be a third look? It seems like most families have kids that all have very similar features where you can tell they are from the same family. Our kids don’t really look like siblings- very different features so it will be interesting to see who our little guy will resemble.
We are looking forward to meeting our newest member of the family. We pray for a healthy delivery of a healthy baby boy who has a good spirit. We all love him already.
Life-long friends, Laura and Melissa, ALL pregnant!
Here are the last few pictures at 38 weeks my sister took. I have never really had "pretty pregnancy" pictures before and thought maybe when I'm an old lady I'll want to remember this beautiful stage of motherhood.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting our Hands Dirty

A simple summer dinner with garden kale and radishes
 My wonderful husband made me a second garden box this year. We did a trial box for the last two years and it did fantastic, yet just not enough room to plant! Our radishes have quickly produced early summer and have now had a good helping of peas, beans, and tomatoes. The carrots didn't even sprout which is odd since the weather has been very warm...maybe too warm? We are sad to say that our raspberry bushes got sprayed from BPA that owns the land behind us. They were careless and just oversprayed and killed the one tree that shades our backyard along with the blackberry and raspberry bushes. This year we planted two plum trees, but as they were growing we couldn't figure out why one of the plum trees had such tiny plums while the other was growing much bigger. The nursery mislabeled the tree and we actually have a cherry tree! This is not good as now we may have to get two more trees next year (one plum and one cherry) so they can cross-pollinate! We've also planted three blueberry plants out front to make sure they are not sprayed through the fence out back.

Reina was part of gardening club at school that meets twice a week for about 4 weeks at the end of the school year. She came home with various seeds to plant. She showed me the rock she painted that is a squash face as one of their activities. They line the path to the school now. Her favorite day was when they made fairy gardens. Reina and Baelor have also been raising tadpoles. It's fun for them to see the little legs start to form...and for us parents too!

Papa Will's garden exploded with kale and cabbage

The kids ate Mummi's blueberries daily. Me too!

This past year we've had some really harsh wind storms. Nearly every house in our cul-de-sac got new roofs within a 2 week time frame, including ours. How's that for timing?!?

Since the weather became warm, summer weather by May, the kids jumped on the trampoline nearly every day. We have really tried to implement potty-training with Baelor so he often jumps in the nude. And Reina thought it was fun to go along with Baelor's look. I made Baelor keep his diaper on until after the picture, otherwise he often goes commando for easy access to pottying on the grass. The neighbors have found him a time or two dozen times in their backyard naked. Let me remind you they only have girls.
We sold our old trampoline with no net and rusted springs for an updated one from our friends who are moving. Hooray for safety nets!

My favorite flower is the peony, although sadly their bloom is short lived. I always have to take a picture when they bloom in the yard! I also like hydrangeas.

I wanted to revamp the front porch. Since the hose cover Paul made for me last year out of pallet wood looks rustic (which turned out just as I envisioned), the chairs just looked too drab against the bold red door I painted last year. I wanted to help balance out the bright door and figured it needed a contrast. So I sanded and painted the chairs black and found accent pieces at Goodwill. (Pillows $10/pair, lantern $5, toolbox $2)

I was not really ever happy with the pallets that looked red instead of orange like the can showed, so I had some random green paint and decided to update the back deck a little. It took way more time than expected but I am pleased with the new color and the outdoor white West Elm pillows I found second-hand.

For Mother's Day, Paul promised to make a fire pit. We had a pretty ugly corner out back that was mostly filled with weeds, stray flowers and an ugly metal arch from our wedding. It basically was where I'd throw compost. I should have snapped a before picture to show really how ugly it was. This was a major task because the ground is very hard and rocky AND digging up sod is a very arduous task. Since grandpa Guinn has retired, he's helped out here and there for us more often than we should allow him. He really wanted to help us out. It took two days of pulling out all the plants and sod and creating a dirt plot. The only work I did was spay-painting the perimeter of the firepit area.
Then it took at least two more days of breaking up the dirt and leveling it out to make it a flat space, since our backyard is on a hill.
Baelor was right there with daddy and grandpa for hours helping out with the tools. He's such a good little helper!
Next task was determining how big of a firepit we wanted and buying the stones. Luckily, Paul got a break because I made him let the guys working at Lowe's do the hard work. He really needed a break! Luck would have it that right after buying the stones, the missionaries were coming over for dinner so we put them to work carrying the stones from the car to the back corner. Paul even had to put up a stone retaining wall. Here's the next step in the progression.

I found a cool bench design online that had directions. I was hoping Paul would be up for the task. He not only did a great job, but had to tweak some of the flawed directions- what a smart and awesome guy. We are both happy how it turned out! We added white stain and some gray outdoor paint stripes from a discount can of paint.
It will be nice to add some nice shrubbery around the area, but due to a baby being born in just a few days, we'll have to finish up after baby comes! I'm very proud of the hard work Paul did with making this area...such a big change from the weedy corner that had no purpose.