Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy Eight

Baelor, you are now at that age where you are no longer an infant, but just a BABY. We love, love, LOVE this stage! You fit perfectly in our arms. You are aware of your surroundings; you know the difference between familiar and unfamiliar places. You enjoy taking naps in your own crib, or on Mummi and Papa Will's bed. Most nights you somehow end up sleeping as snuggled up to mommy as possible. Lately, we've either been too tired or already asleep before we realize that you are still in our bed. I love to wake up and feel your perfect little body pressed up against mine. Your scrumptiousness makes my mouth water.

We love that you are able to sit up on your own for as long as you want. And we are excited that you are beginning to get on all fours in preparation for crawling. You roll over or scoot backwards on all fours to get what you want; often finding yourself stuck under the couch or chair legs! You're just a laid-back, cool kid who isn't rushing into things. We're okay with that- you are happy and content, what more could we ask for?

At eight months you are wearing size 3 diapers and about size 6 month clothes (3 month onesies). You really don't look any smaller than other babies your age thanks to your cheeks and chunky extremities. Probably the only thing that is similar with you and your sister are your small heads and similar bum-bums (although a little wider than your sister's was).

You are becoming quick at picking up objects from the ground and passing them from one hand to the other. You have a fascination with cloth...whether it's silky, fuzzy, or just plain cotton you enjoy holding onto it. And do NOT let go of mommy's hoodie strings.

You enjoy playing peek-a-boo with Grandma Guinn and we believe that you greeted her with a "hi" one morning with your usual entrance down the stairs with Grandma awaiting your arrival. Grandma Guinn is a witness to this! You haven't said any other words, but we know when you are hungry because you will mumble your "M's" for mama. When you are pleased you say your "G's". At least we know you'll be able to pronounce your last name!

You have just about grown out of your bath seat...the other day we couldn't help laughing while you were taking a bath with Reina. You looked like a dude just straddling that seat all aloof like a teenager lounging on the couch.

You enjoy your binky for sleep...we enjoy that you can be comforted by it as well. You are a back sleeper and know that you are just about asleep when you turn your head briskly to one side to signal "I am going to sleep now." You like to have some type of cloth to hold onto in the middle of your chest- usually your monkey blankey or a wash cloth.

You are becoming a great eater now! Thanks for finally being able to throw down a little of mommy's chunky homemade baby food. It taste much better don't ya think? You thoroughly enjoy Mummi's cabbage and turkey soup just as much as Reina did. You are eating 4 meals a day with still plenty of nursing.

Your hair is starting to come in and boy, you are a TOE HEAD. I don't quite understand this term cause you are much cuter than an ugly old toe.We love you little guy-guy-guy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Loon Lake photo shoot...a few days shy of 7 months

Please stop him! He is growing up too fast! I had no idea how quickly the second one grows up! I can't even imagine those who have even more kids. They probably blink 10 times and their kids are getting married!

What to say about our little 7 month old guy... pictures are so much better! But to keep up with his development, I better add a few notes to his adorableness. Baelor is now an expert at blowing raspberries. He likes the little bits of spit to splash up in his face.

He has been doing this funny, little smile where he will tuck his upper lip under his gums...which makes him look like a shy old man...probably the cutest old man you've ever seen though. I haven't been able to capture this on camera yet.

Besides mommy, his favorite person is Reina. If she is in the room, his eyes are on her. They are beginning to have their own special relationship. I can hear them in the room together giggling. Reina plays peek-a-boo or some other "startling" game as Baelor laughs it up. You'd think a little baby will cry when they are startled, but nope, this little guy gets a big ol' grin instead. In fact, the other day when we went to clean the office building we maintain, Reina was entertaining Baelor for an easy 20 minutes! Great for us so that we could get more cleaning done without interruptions, but it was so pleasing to the ears to hear our children play and laugh together. Most people just hope that their children won't fight, but Reina is always trying to protect and love her little brother. It's funny to hear her imitate the things we say to Baelor such as: "Your such a good little guy." Or she'll sing "Oh, where have you been Baelor-boy, Baelor-boy."

One word to describe him is "light": in weight, in skin tone, in hair color, in sleep awareness, in character, and in desire to eat. Normally babies don't come in for 7 month check-ups, but the doctor was worried because of his low weight at his 6 month appointment so we had to come in for a weight check; 15.4 lbs. I thought that they would be pleasantly surprised at his roly-poly thighs and ginormous cheeks. And now that he is eating solid foods and growing out of some previous clothes that all was good. Well, although he had gained 1 pound, he is still just a little guy apparently at still just 4% on the average weight scale. He'll probably just be a late bloomer like I was. He eats his three meals a day in the Bumbo seat that he tries to escape from during the whole feeding. Baelor currently is eating garden vegetables, squash, sweet potato, and sometimes cereal. We've attempted giving him table food such as fish, berries, rice, etc. but he hasn't mastered his gagging reflexes yet so we've been sticking to pureed food and only occasional attempts at chunks. We do not want him to become a picky eater so luckily I can mush pretty much anything into one of those baby sucky things to allow him to get used to a variety of flavors. Don't try taking it away either, he means serious business with it.
In his seventh month he is beginning to sit on his own (no pillows or props) for up to five minutes...until he tries to reach for something, then it's a bonking/crying fest.

Elizabeth and Emily: they absolutely ADORE him! And likewise.

Baelor is still a regular nurser and loves it. He will still take 2 ounces of formula while I'm working, but sometimes he shows his displeasure. Baelor inherited my light-sleeping genes and can be easily woken up from sudden noises. He shouldn't though, considering he has a loud older sister and spends lots of time at my mom's daycare center.

At Mummi's : Ella, Reina, Tova, Baelor, Mummi, Emily, Elizabeth, Abigail

He is such an easy-going, pleasant baby. We are still debating who he looks like. We see a lot of Grandpa Guinn in him, as well as my oldest sister, Tarja, when he smiles. And a little of my sister, Sanni, when he is concentrating. He's one sweet little fellow and we really only have good things to say about him!

Jammie time! We couldn't resist putting on the matching elf stocking cap. Does he look like Grandpa Guinn?
We love you so much Baelor-boy!