Friday, March 23, 2012

2 months!

Life has been hectic so I am finally getting back to my blog. By the time I am getting all these pictures out, Baelor will be closer to 3 months than 2 months! Anyhow, based on 2 months, Baelor has really changed in the last month. A friend of mine took some professional newborn pictures at five weeks that look absolutely adorable! Here they are!

Since then he has been growing and changing what seems to be hourly! He finally doesn't have "gooby" eyes anymore. They also seem to be staying blue; crossing my fingers they stay blue! I love a blue-eyed boy (good thing I married one :) ). Baelor is a smiley boy! If he isn't eating or sleeping, then he is either studying things or smiling and trying to talk. Yep! I was smiling and saying, "Hi" to him repeatedly and he said "Hi" back. No joke! Okay, it was probably just a weird coincidence but it couldn't have been more perfectly timed. He is already starting to grow out of his 0-3 month clothes which is unusual, because Reina was always right on schedule in sizing for her age. He doesn't poop every day which I thought is kinda odd. Reina seemed to poop 5 or more times a day, and he will go 2-3 days, then make a mess at least twice that day when he does go. He is a "gassy Gus" though; always has a toot on deck! Baelor can easily roll over from tummy to back, and has for weeks now. He doesn't like being on his tummy. I've tried to lay him down on his tummy to relax and go to sleep, but he always rolls right back over.

Stats at 2 months (10 weeks):
-Weighs 11lbs. 4oz.- 25th percentile
-Height 23.8 in.- 63rd percentile
-Head circumference- 3rd percentile
-Cheeks- off the charts!

I started back at work (part-time) and we are just trying to get our new routine set...carseats, extra pumped milk, when to feed him in the hours that I am gone, etc. It is a juggling act but our family has learned to adapt to change. I'm just happy Baelor will take a bottle. This is a HUGE relief. I am hoping he doesn't start choosing the bottle over me though :) My greatest blessing is to have such happy, healthy and smart children. I am grateful for my job as it has been a huge anchor for us and also the fact that I like it! I am looking forward to when I can spend even more time with my children the foreseeable future?

Baelor had his blessing at church on March 4th. We had lots of family over to was even a rather warm and sunny day! He was quiet and even smiled during the blessing. What a good little boy! After church we had all the family come over for dinner. We even had some special guests come for the blessing, Paul's twin brother Matthew and his family! We haven't seen all of them since the girls were 11 months old, so it was a very special treat to see Reina and Madeleine play together, and meet Benjamin for the first time (even though he is almost 15 months old). They got along very well, as expected. It was fun to see the similarities and differences between the physical features and nature of the girls who come from twin brothers, and are only weeks apart in age! I sure wish they lived closer than Utah.

A little bedtime reading with Uncle Matt

Here are some pictures of Baelor in his blessing outfit.