Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dancing Queen

We are so proud of our daughter, Reina, for a triumphant first dance recital. She just started her first dance class in February, just after her 5th birthday. We waited to put her in the 5-7 year old ballet/jazz class as to allow more room for growth among her elder peers. I think she fit right in, even though she started more than halfway through the year.

Here are her class photography photos:

Quite a big group of girls! Baelor and I watch them every Wednesday :)

Before the performance, I took some pictures of her and her cousin, Heleena, who is also in her class.

I think she understood the fruits of her labor with this performance as she glowed the whole night! I have to admit that I was a little nervous that if she messed up on part of her dance routine that she would start crying or freeze on stage, but she did really great! We could tell she loved every minute the whole night.

The girls performed two dances. The first was their jazz routine to "All I Do is Dream of You" from "Singing in the Rain".

The other performance was their ballet routine to "Reflections" from "Mulan"

Paul surprised her with some flowers at the end of her performance. She told me on the way home that getting flowers was her favorite part. What a sweet daddy. All this excitement made this sleeping beauty fall asleep in the car

Here are her performances on video:

Youtube won't let me show the video of the ballet dance to "Reflections" from Mulan due to copyright laws. You can see it here