Monday, July 25, 2011

Why the Cravings?

When I was pregnant with Reina, everyone kept asking me what foods I was craving. Cravings? I had no idea what they were talking about. I never craved a single food item, other than what foods I have always naturally liked. The only thing I remember is that I couldn't stand chocolate!
This time around is so much different! Morning sickness (luckily that passed quickly without a single purge), headaches that force me to lay down at 7pm and hope that it won't be so extreme I throw-up again, and the cravings! I actually have cravings this time. Not a fan of this, since for the last month it has been donuts! I am not a typical donut eater, maybe 2 a year? But I feel so much better if I've had my apple fritter or a gooey cinnamon roll, okay maybe both. I know, I'm gonna look like a cinnamon roll soon but I can blame it on the baby right? Luckily I can't tolerate chocolate with this pregnancy either, so I can say I've kicked my chocolate habit for a while now. Early on I had cravings for cucumbers...couldn't get enough of 'em. And throughout I have consumed much more fruit than I typically do. Peaches, plums, watermelon, apples, berries- it's all good. Can't forget about pizza- lovin' the marinara sauce!
Okay, so people say that based on cravings you can tell if you're gonna have a boy or girl. They say if you crave sweets then it's a girl, but if you crave bread, meat and pizza it's a boy. Wow, tough call. I think I'm split, just like Paul and I are split with what we think the sex of the baby is. We'll be happy whether it's a sweet peach or if it has a bread stick.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

14 Weeks

14 weeks refers to how many weeks that I am pregnant! I never blogged about my first pregnancy (except for the delivery) and thought I would give it a try this time. This will not be a weekly update, just a little here and there. I haven't written anything down about this pregnancy so far, so I am doing my best to jog my memory from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Well, some of you know that I have a condition called PCOS which does not make it easy for me to get pregnant. Not only do I have extremely irregular periods, but it also contributes to insulin-resistance which doesn't help either. After reading a library on this condition, I have come to the conclusion that I have actually had this condition my whole life, just didn't discover it until we tried to get pregnant and had a lot of difficulty. Luckily after being married for 5 years we had our amazing little girl Reina. I do think that since we had to wait such a long time, Heavenly Father blessed us with a delightful daughter. My first pregnancy really went by amazingly well; I never had a day of being sick and always felt full of energy. In fact, the night before I delivered, Paul and I cleaned the office buildings we maintain and I worked out at the gym. I hardly even felt pregnant, and most people couldn't believe how small I was for having a 9 lb. baby! It wasn't until my last couple of months being pregnant I found out I had gestational diabetes and had to completely overhaul my diet...that was and still is one of the hardest things I've had to do. I already have to alter my diet with this pregnancy since I am more than likely gestational diabetic this time around.
When did you find out you were preggers?
I had been taking a few doses of fertility meds and documenting everything. So I was planning on taking the next round of fertility meds since I had taken a pregnancy test 2 weeks previously and 2 weeks previous of that and knew there was no way that I ovulated. But I didn't want to take meds until I took a pregnancy test. Right before getting in the shower I took one- negative. After my shower I was literally moved to look again at the test. So I dug it out of the garbage and saw a 2nd faint line. Positive or just a bad dollar store test? Got tested at the doctor's office that day, yep pregnant! I couldn't believe it since I ovulated without having a period or taking fertility meds! I believe it was the countless prayers and fasting.
I waited a few days to tell Paul and make it extra special. He figured it out last time before I even showed him the pregnancy test, but this time I asked him to look at some pictures from the camera and on the last picture was the positive test result!

Have you been sick?
So up until a few weeks ago I have had morning sickness. Really it was only from weeks 8-12. I have never experienced it before and realized it is really icky! I tried to explain to Paul what it feels like. For me it's like when I was in college walking up to BYU campus from home and had only eaten an apple, and by the time I got to my class I had that icky nauseous feeling that would pass either with time or a little bread. I haven't thrown up from morning sickness per se, but I have had some severe headaches that have caused nausea and have ended up with me over the toilet. This has happened 3 or 4 times already. I am not taking any Excedrin which easily clears up any sign of a headache for me, but of course it is a "no-no" during pregnancy, so I have to suffer. Besides feeling icky, this baby has already begun to show! I got really worried because even at 6 weeks I looked bloated! I thought at this rate I'm going to be huge!!! Luckily the size hasn't increase tremendously, just more than Reina. I liken it to a balloon. The first time you blow it up, it takes some real effort to get it to go, and the resistance is rather great. Okay, then you deflate the balloon and try it the 2nd time. A little easier, right? The 3rd, 4th, get the idea.
So when are you due?
Since I never really knew when I got pregnant due to my crazy ovulations I had to get an ultrasound....hmmm. Well Reina was due January 14, and this baby is due January 13! I guess I am just fertile during spring break!
I am trying to document this pregnancy with pictures, but I already missed four weekly pictures. I am only enclosing them on my blog for journal purposes, so please don't look really hard at my belly at only 8 weeks. I should have taken pictures when I was pregnant with Reina as my "balloon" was a little tighter!

8 weeks!

9 weeks!

14 weeks!