Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Trimester

It is hard to believe I am already done with my first trimester of pregnancy! I guess the more kidlets you get, the less time you have to "think" about the baby inside! I did not even know I was pregnant this time around for the first 8 weeks when I finally took a pregnancy test. Dating how far along I actually was is also difficult as I do not ovulate as frequently or at the "appropriate" times as other women. They had to actually do an ultrasound to figure out how far along I was. The first ultrasound dated me at 10 weeks 3days. Further than I had thought! I am lucky in that I never have had morning sickness with any of my pregnancies. Yes, this is fortunate, yet I am completely unfortunate with having diabetes. I have to check my blood sugar multiple times a day and make adjustments when the numbers aren't ideal. Early on in this pregnancy I have had quite a few mornings of low blood sugar (not my normal) where I literally wake up in a sweat, or I am starting to shake uncontrollably. It's not like a seizure or anything, I can just tell I need something soon! I told Reina that if she ever sees me on the ground and I don't wake up, to quickly go get me some candy and put it in my mouth. I have never had this happen but you cannot plan your blood sugar.

My only real complaint is that I have not been able to shake my cold since January! Seriously, this cold is like a chamelion that just keeps changing shapes or goes incognito just to reappear again. I still think it's due to the antibiotics that I was on for my root canal that ruined my immune system. I have had quite a few cravings with this pregnancy, and also some foods I can't even look at. It should have been a clue when I did not find joy in eating chocolate chips. I usually can't help but eat them daily and I can't even stand to look at them in the cupboard. This has been the same with all my pregnancies so no, I cannot tell if it's a boy or a girl! One of my most unusual cravings this time is onions! Yep, I figured out how to make baked onion rings and this has been so satisfying.Other foods that have been on the top of my list are apples, red meat, fruity candy, cucumbers, and peanut/almond butter. I sure wish there was a way of determining based on my cravings if it was a boy or a girl but I have had WAY more food cravings with this baby. I have tried to take a picture a week since I started showing. Here are the first ones:

11 weeks
12 weeks

For the first time EVER, Paul and I are split on whether we think it is a boy or a girl. With Reina, we both thought it was a boy. With Baelor, we both thought it was a girl. Both wrong, both times. This time around, Paul thinks it's a girl and I think it's a boy. So at least for once one of us will be right! Of course Reina is hoping for a girl. Baelor could care less, nor really understands until I really start to pop!

We are just so happy to have this miracle happen for a third time. We know that the Lord has His hands in blessing our family yet again.

13 weeks