Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Little Mermaid

I can remember one Christmas break back in late elementary school, perhaps 5th grade when I literally watched "The Little Mermaid" everyday. The funny thing is that my older siblings watched it everyday as well. Between us we could probably recite the movie word-for-word, song-for-song. Disney does such a great job at capturing you at any age with their classics. I'm not talking the Disney Channel as I think the majority of it is complete garbage.
The classic Disney movies send a good message, usually."The Little Mermaid"....not so much. Here we have a young girl, Ariel who isn't happy with who she is and what she has. She disobeys her father who is made to appear as a big, mean daddy. She gets people involved who become deceitful. After all is said and done she doesn't have to learn to accept and love herself for who she is, but rather complains and bargains with the "witch" to become something she's not. I didn't realize that I was exposing Reina to this "role model" until it was too late. Reina loves her. I am glad to say that she also loves Cinderella and Belle who are excellent role models. I personally love Belle because although she is pretty she has brown hair/eyes, doesn't wear pink and loves books! In fact, I think Reina prefers these two princesses over Ariel, but the music in "The Little Mermaid" is excellent; so excellent that Reina enjoys to recite one particular song over and over. Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

... Four Little, Five Little

This little man is a whole FIVE months! He is just a little guy. The only thing that is big on him is his cheeks.
Here he was at four months old:

Growth stats: (3 months 2 weeks)
Height: 24.5 inches / 52nd percentile
Weight: 12.2 lbs / 12th percentile
Head: 15.2-15.3 inches / 2nd percentile

By four months old:
-Grasp a toy and bring to his mouth
-Started using Bumbo chair
-Could stand in exersaucer for 10-15 minutes before getting tired
-Can do tummy time, but no rolling over. Still doesn't enjoy it.
-Beginning to have conversations
-Still nurses a couple times a night
-Still wears 3 month size clothes and 1-2 diapers

What he loves:
-Loves to smile and be happy all the time
-Listening to music, especially singing to him
-Smiles when he is put in his own crib for a nap
-Loves his pacifier almost as much as nursing, but doesn't require nursing for soothing
-Likes to have his diaper off (coos and smiles)
-Enjoys laughing at people tickling him and being completely silly at his face
-You know that Baelor likes you if he begins gnawing on his knuckles upon meeting you

Here is our little guy at five months old:

He still pretty much enjoys the same things from four to five months. The only changes that he has really made are the fact that he has finally rolled over a handful of times. We haven't captured it yet because he won't do it with us watching. As soon as I pull that camera out he is too interested in it to do anything else but stare. He is getting pretty strong legs though. I think he might be one of those babies that are late at rolling over and sitting, but will run as soon as he learns to walk. Baelor is almost too strong for the Bumbo chair now. There have been a few unsettling incidences where he has almost flopped himself out of it. This wouldn't be dangerous if I wasn't putting him on the kitchen counter to watch while I cook (shhhh!).

As parents, we've really noticed his personality grow. He is gonna be a TALKER! He likes to chatter on and on at what appears to be run-on sentences. It's completely adorable with his droolie, gummie smile.

Lately, big sister Reina has been wanting me to sing a particular "angel song" for bedtime. I lay in bed next to her and even do hand gestures that correspond with the words. If Baelor hasn't gone to bed yet he gets to squeeze between us and "watch the show" as well. It's so cute because he looks back and forth from Reina to mommy as if saying, "Hey guys, I fit right in. I totally know what's going on." Daddy is the lucky one because he gets to view his three favorites all snuggled together in one bed.

Every night Paul and I lay in bed and chat about how COMPLETELY AWESOME our kids are!