Friday, July 13, 2012

Baelor's Halftime Show!

Baelor, how are you already 6 months old?
Where are those sleepless nights that test our patience as only wake to eat and fall back asleep.
Can you really be this good all the time?

I cross my fingers that this is who you really are; that the perfect bubble you've formed won't burst to show a crying, unhappy boy. You really are such a joy!
Thank you for being so patient when I need just a few more minutes to get stuff done before I can give you attention. You always seem to understand. Almost too understanding, but thank you. You are exactly what I need.

You give the most genuine, BIG smile that forces your whole face to go along for the ride.
 I love your rolly-polly arms that are perfectly sectioned for bite-sized chomping.
"Bite-bite-bite? No-no-no. Chomp-chomp-chomp? Yes-yes-yes." (Yo Gabba fans know what I mean).

Thank you for not telling daddy that I make out with you. :)
I love your blue eyes that match your daddy's.

I love how you roll towards me in half a second in your sleep sack when nursing in mommy's bed.
Mommy and daddy snicker when we peek in on you sleeping with your arm around your bedtime buddy- a monkey blanky. You look kind of tough...until we see a pacifier in your mouth.

You adore your sister in every silly way even with her overpowering voice...get used to it. Your voice is quiet like your mommy's.
Jump, jump, jump! That's probably your favorite acitivity. You can roll over but don't feel the need too often.

Everyone thinks you look like your aunts Sanni and Tarja. I have to agree. When you smile it's definitely Aunt Tarja, and when you are concentrating your Aunt Sanni. I think you might have Aunt Sanni's toes as well!

We say that you are the perfect accessory for any outfit; compact and easy to take along for any occasion.
Thank you for being able to fall asleep in your car seat, taking an occasional bottle of formula and making the addition to our family so easy.
Love ya little guy!
6 month stats: (6 mos 2 wks)
Height: 26 inches / 27th percentile
Weight: 14.5 lbs / 4th percentile
Head Circumference: 16 inches / 1st percentile
How are you so small with these rolly-polly legs and humongo cheeks?