Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Besides this mid-April snowfall, it's been a pleasant spring here in the PNW, I think at least. We've had quite the collection of non-rainy days which have allowed us to spend more time outdoors; something we look forward to all winter long! Easter Sunday was actually warm enough for Reina to find her eggs outside. That was the extent of our "Easter Bunny" Easter, but Reina watched this video at least 5 times that day. We like to keep Easter centered on Christ so her basket was a whopping $1.79 (the cost of a dozen eggs).

Reina and Cousin Heleena twirling!

We've been to a lot of parks this spring. Baelor recently went in a real swing for the first time and LOVED it, as do most babies. It's not as cold as it appears...I just dress my kids extra warm. Reina is over 3 years old and has never had an ear-ache (knock on wood).

Baelor is such a happy little guy. I really couldn't have a more happy, easy, pleasant baby. He only cries when he is hungry and mildly if something is irritating him. He really does smile like this all the time. He loves to snuggle up to mommy. Thanks to YouTube I finally learned how to properly use my Moby. Way easier watching a tutorial than reading directions. What a great invention these little wraps are.

 In an early May record-braking warm day, Reina of course wore her twirly purple dress that she is obsessed with, and enjoyed getting completely soaked with her friends! But look at the sheer happiness!!

We finally got a minivan! Yep, a silver Honda Odyssey like everybody else. Didn't necessarily want a silver one since I have two siblings and in-laws with the same, but it was the one we found for low miles in our price range. I'm loving the sliding doors, leather seats, safety, and extra space! Thanks again babe for supporting my "splurge". I was tired of fearing another "rear-end" accident with our precious cargo.

We've already gone to the Farmer's Market where we stuff ourselves on kettle corn. Reina especially enjoyed petting the many dogs! She's always been a lover of doggies.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Word "Captivating" Describes Her

I am not old by any means, but as a kid I remember adults saying how "time flies" by. I know I am getting older because this is becoming more and more true. I can barely keep up with each passing month of my little guy's life! I hope I am giving enough time, attention, and pictures as Reina had. I need to be on the show "Hoarders" when it comes to pictures of Reina....quite embarrassing. At least she'll have plenty to choose from when she makes her wedding video! Well, lately I have been devoting most of my posts to Baelor so I thought I'd remind everyone that I do still have a daughter and she still does get a lot of our attention. Reina is such an expressive girl. I really can't put into words how captivating she is. Somehow she can just draw you in. Is it her big, brown eyes? Or her loud voice that can carry over a crowd? Or how you don't expect such expressions to come out of a little three year old? Kids say the darndest! It seems that no matter where we go, she gets an unusual amount of attention from adults and fits right in with any kid her senior. I say that if they needed a little person for a part in a show or commercial, she'd fit the part to a "T". She really is a much better actress than myself, and she will copy exactly what you want her to do or say. Reina is such a little character...she understands humor. Just thinking of some of the things she does or says makes my insides giggle. Since the weather has turned warm and sunny, Reina has mastered blowing bubbles. The other day she was outside blowing them and the wind blew hard enough to create a bubble all by itself. Reina said, "Good job bubble, you can go to my birthday party!" I know I sound like she is the perfect little princess...most of the time yes, but sometimes she does act like an adolescent teenager- major attitude. So after a meltdown she is back to her sweet and silly self. We really just carry on normal conversations with her and she responds often much older than her age. I giggle at this.

Three year growth stats. (3 years 1 month):

Height: 38.3 inches / 71st percentile
Weight: 33.6 lbs. / 72nd percentile

In April she took a dance class preview...only once a week for a month (as I had a couple Tuesdays off of work). It was a combo of ballet, tap and tumbling. I'm not quite sure what all the french poses are called as I never took ballet, but she said that of the three ballet was her favorite. Some favorites were doing the arabesque, twirls down the room while arms form a "bubble", and of course somersaults. She did great at participating and trying. Was she the best in the class? No. Did she attempt everything? Yes. I'm just happy she wasn't a Grumpelstiltskin. I'm not going to force her to dance because I love it. She can try whatever she wishes. I just know that she really does have a natural talent since she has great rhythm and body control. We'll try again when I can really commit to it. I snapped a few photos:

We got lucky and just love her to pieces!

In the process of saying "Shhhhh," reminding everyone that Baelor is sleeping
With some of her best buds Owen, Abigail and Peyton