Friday, March 25, 2011

She "gets it"

Besides praying for a healthy baby when I was pregnant, Heavenly Father knew that it was important to me for my children to "get it". I seem to always say to myself that Reina "get's it". I've heard that if you have difficult infants or toddlers then they will be easy teenagers and vice versa. Oh I hope that this won't come to pass. We got blessed with a daughter with an AMAZING personality. She is so funny, quick, witty, and teachable.
Remember, this is our family blog so if you are already disgusted at my complete PRIDE (not the bad kind of pride that we just discussed at church on Sunday) for my daughter then do not read further :)

I have just been amazed at what Reina can do for just being a couple months past her 2nd birthday! I give credit to many people in her life who have helped mold her into her best self. I pray daily that she will be the very best that she can and that as as parents we will learn how to help her be her best self. We are being blessed so much already as she amazes me every day!

Reina has always been very advanced for her age in her ability to learn things quickly and remember them. She has really taken off in her vocabulary since her 2nd birthday since she not only says nearly complete sentences every time, but has so much personality with what she says. She will "read" a book and have lots of phrasing and inflection in her dialogue. Reina will go down for nap with piles and piles of books. Mummi reminds her everyday that "a girl can never have too many books." Now when she goes down for nap she will tell Mummi "a girl can never have two books". Of course she doesn't realize that she has changed the meaning of the sentence into something quite funny!
Mummi and I always comment on how she never "misses a beat". When she sings a song, even if she doesn't pronounce all of the words correctly she will give each syllable a beat. Even her songs are nearly in-tune! That's pretty amazing for such a young age. She never misses a beat in her rhythm either. Sometimes she'll be singing a song or dancing to a song and she'll tap her foot, or swing her arms, or move any body part to the rhythm of the song. I am hoping she will enjoy music as much as her parents do...whether it be band, singing, dancing, or all of the above. She never misses a beat with something going under her radar. She seems to know if you quickly snatched a sweet treat, hid something from her, or are trying to change the subject.
We have also noticed her ability to memorize things extremely quickly and to RETAIN the information. I think she got the latter from her daddy. She remembers stories, songs, words, memories, names, pretty much anything that has come into contact with her...osmosis right? Our kids will do what we do, act how we act, be what they see which is why a good example is something I not only WANT to be better at each day, but because I HAVE TO if I want to keep Reina as undamaged as possible.

A funny story I have to mention on our family blog is one I posted on facebook. A week or so ago I was picking out an outfit for her to wear that morning. It happened to be one of her favorite t-shirts with a kitty on it. When she saw the shirt that awaited her she kept repeating, "Kitty shirt! Kitty shirt! Kitty shirt!" As most of you know, a 2-year old doesn't pronounce everything correctly so it sounded like she was saying "kitty sh**!" Kids say the darndest!

Recently during our family prayers Reina has finally decided it is HER turn to say prayer. Usually mommy or daddy will say it and she will remind us of EVERYONE we have to include in the prayer...yes mommy, daddy, relatives, all of her friends...sometimes repeating extra-special friends. Our family prayers end up being really long. So she decided it is her turn and we are not allowed to help her with it whatsoever! She will even pause and say "hmmmmmm" when she is stuck with someone she forgot to pray for. How could Heavenly Father resist not blessing each and every one of those people that a sweet, little girl prays for? Sometimes I will even try to get Reina to pray for something that I really want so that maybe He will listen to her innocent prayer and bless.

101 Consummations...and Counting

I always want to live life to the fullest and not wind up being 85 years old saying "I wish I would have...". I was thinking about this today and decided to make a physical list of things that I want to do, learn, create, own, etc. These are things that I may or may not have accomplished so far, but seeing them in actual writing will help me to focus and remember what I need to do to get there. Why am I posting this list in my blog? Well, this is sorta our family journal and I do go online at least once a day so I think this is the BEST place for me to actual see what my goals are whether I am at home, work, vacationing in Rome (add to list?), or wherever I may be! I will probably add much more to this post as I can't think of all my possibilities in the twenty minutes I write this post! Feel free to steal any of these ideas, add ideas, or feel proud that you have already accomplished these things. :)

1. Get married in the temple- 8.9.03
2. Go on a mission...with my love
3. Own a new/new to us Honda Odyssey with leather seats and DVD player
4. Be a teacher
5. Have a big family
6. Exercise at least 4 days a week (can't cross this one out until I die)
7. Do something special with dancing talent
8. Teach a dance class or aerobics class 2004
9. Become a certified yoga instructor 2008
10. Become an herbal supplement specialist
11. Have a nice digital camera to capture my favorite people and things
12. Create a health website that includes all the things I hope to specialize in
13. Perform a ballroom dance routine (maybe with Paul if he'll allow it)
14. Play Warhammer one time with Paul
15. Hike all the major spots in the Pacific Northwest
16. Camp via backpacking and canoeing to destination
17. Get organized and updated with pictures
18. Finish (DO) Reina's baby book
19. Learn how to sew (just for home decor/clothing repair)
20. Create my own Tried and True Recipe Book (for my personal odd and healthy palate)
21. Learn how to garden as well as my brother Teem
22. Read all of the Harry Potter novels
23. Host a fancy dinner party where I learn how to make things like Creme Broulee
24. Create artwork for our home
25. Own a home!
26. Take Reina (and more children) to Disneyland with cousins who live in SoCal
27. See the east coast (i.e New York, Virginia, etc.)
28. See all the Church sites east of Utah
29. Go to Zion National Park/Bryce Canyon and possibly try a little rock climbing
30. Have a traditional dinner/movie date with Paul
31. Do visiting teaching faithfully for one year!
32. Fast faithfully for one year!
33. Bear my testimony at church at least twice in a year
34. Own a couple wave runners and a boat
35. Own a little vacation home on a warm lake where I can go crazy with themed rooms, afterall, it's a vaction home!
36. Learn all of the scripture stories with Reina (including names!)
37. Learn how to knit and make a hat, purse, scarf, pot holder, toaster cover (j/k about the pot holder)
38. Have a home with all hardwood floors in the main living areas
39. Have a pottery wheel and use my high school pottery class skills to create gifts and home decor
40. Give a family in need "A Christmas"
41. Donate time and talents in adult care homes
42. Refurbish old furniture
43. Get a pedicure 2009
44. Get a facial
45. Get a professional massage 2010
46. Become endorsed in more subjects as a teacher
47. Sleep in the backyard in a tent with my kid(s)
48. Learn all the state capitals (no, my teacher didn't teach them)
49. Learn how to use Quickbooks and create a budget sheet
50. Do not buy anything unnecessary for 1 month (and then improve thereafter)
51. Learn how to can food
52. Have a year supply of food and water for our family
53. Get a wheat grinder
54. Learn Photoshop
55. Teach Reina how to swim
56. Go to a yoga retreat
57. Read one book a month from the Latter-day prophets
58. Do something nice everyday for someone for a month (and then make it a habit)
59. Get involved in service (not including church callings)
60. Learn how to make pulla ALL BY MYSELF
61. Say only NICE things to my husband for a week (and then improve thereafter)
62. Do a spray tan once (I don't believe in tanning, but sure wish I was naturally tan)
63. Get braces
64. Not eat chocolate for a week (without being sick as an excuse)
65. Not eat chocolate for a month
66. Do a half marathon, or Hood to Coast ( FYI: I have no desire to do a full marathon)
67. Be a part in a play (with my family)
68. Take piano lessons again.
69. Learn how to play my favorite Yanni song.
70. Pick up the flute again.
71. Learn how to play the guitar enough to accompany singing.
72. Get old family videos from VHS fixed and put on newer technology for my mom.
73. Make dinners for a week from "garden only" ingredients
74. Host a Martha Stewart-like holiday meal
75. Get the nerve to sing at a karaoke bar
76. Be a part of the church choir for one year
77. Learn how to make fudge and truffles that actually taste like a "family secret recipe".
78. Teach dancing to kids 2006
79. Create an organic Christmas tree (popcorn, cranberries, pinecones, etc)
80. Bring cupcakes for Reina's kindergarten class (tear)
81. Teach Reina to play the piano
82. Go skiing with Paul (since having a kid)
83. Get a true physical as an adult (cholesterol, lipids, etc.)
84. Go to the Melting Pot restaurant
85. Go on a bike ride and picnic with family
86. Take Reina to the zoo 2/2011
87. Learn how to hold my breath underwater without plugging my nose for more than 3 seconds
88. Own a dog?
89. Go to Voodoo Donuts in Portland
90. Visit college roommates in other states
91. Go see the ruined castles in England and Scotland (for Paul)
92. Go to Portugal with Paul where he served his mission
93. Take Paul to Finland where he can take part in a real sauna, naked and lake jumping!
94. Take Reina roller-skating
95. Brush up on my Spanish so that I can speak near-fluently.
96. Reina meet great-grandmother in Finland who is 89- 8.2010
97. Go to Hawaii with Paul 2008
98. Get trained to teach CPR and First-Aid
99. Get a Vitamix blender and make "green drinks"
100. Send birthday cards to every family member for a whole year
101. Make one patchwork quilt, one time