Monday, September 26, 2011

Family of Four Photo Shoot

My wonderful sister Sanni took some great pictures of our family recently. We took these pictures on one of the last hot, summer days in September.
Paul and I are 30 years old in these pictures. I am 5 months pregnant with our second child. Reina is 2 years and 8 months old.
Reina was not having the best attitude day. We're just glad she didn't scowl for all of the pictures, or opt out of the pictures altogether. I may do a personal photo shoot of her since we only got one decent individual photo of her.

Here are some updates of Reina:
She likes to say her full, legal name, Reina Suvi Guinn, pronounced perfectly. Reina likes to have the same story read for bedtime, for at least two weeks at a time. Her current favorite is "In My Town" by Richard Scarry. She calls it "Fix It Fox". We take turns saying family prayer at night at Reina's bed. This was a struggle until recently because she thought every night should be her turn to say it. We of course gave in, since you can't pray too much! Her prayers always make us laugh! Sometimes she blesses the food, sometimes talks about the fun things she did that day. But she always prays for mommy, daddy, and Reina. And of course the baby in mommy's belly. She is 37 1/2" tall and weighs 30 lbs. She still has not had a single haircut! We are trying to hold on to what she has, and grow out her bangs. So if you wonder why the side-sweep of the hair, she doesn't have much to hold back, nor will she keep a hair thing in for more than 10 minutes. Reina still loves to dance. In fact, we went to the Vancouver Sausage Fest to visit daddy while he was working doing a spinal screening when the band "Five Guys Named Moe" went onstage. Reina danced into the late hours of the night (9 o'clock) and the ladies dancing with her commented how she was a natural at it.

Paul has been very busy working at the new chiropractic office here in Vancouver. I know I've mentioned it before, but we are so blessed  that we didn't have to relocate! Business is doing well and he thoroughly enjoys the staff. We are so lucky to go in there and get adjusted whenever we want. Reina is still hesitant about getting adjusted on the "elephant pediatric chiropractic table". I think she will have to see another kid get adjusted before her.

I was extremely busy this summer with my driver education classes, until recently had a little break. It is nice, but odd. I've been trying to get some projects done around the house including painting two dressers and a display case, painting a bedroom, organizing, and other odds-and-ends tasks I've been wanting to dive into.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Run, Reina Run!

Funny Moment:
Yesterday, Reina had a super late nap, which didn't end until 5pm. I thought, "How am I ever gonna get her to bed at a decent hour?" So we decided after our late dinner at 7pm to go for a little walk and enjoy what appears to be the last week of summer. Don't even get me started with the weather this summer! I don't consider 5 weeks of summer very fair in the Pacific Northwest! So usually Reina will walk about halfway on our 30 minute walk, and then we get bored of walking so slow and persuade her to go in the stroller where she can have milk or fruit snacks. But no, this little 2 1/2 year old decided to run for .7 miles! Paul figured how long our usual loop is and determined she ran this distance. I'm not talking about running, then walking a little. She ran on the sidewalk the whole time! About 3/4 the way into our walk she finally said with an exhausted tone, "I need to go in the stroller." I wish I had my video camera as she was pedaling those little legs in her little Nike's, form-fitting leopard pj's, and stocking hat! Needless to say, she didn't even ask for more water once she was tucked into bed. She was out!

Another Funny Moment:
I guess Reina heard her daddy say that I am his wife. So at least once a day the past couple of weeks, Reina has been calling me Mommywife. She'll say, "I love my mommywife."