Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

  Every year our family enjoys going to BiZi Farms pumpkin patch. What's great about it is we only have to drive a short distance to enjoy all of the harvest-y celebrations. In fact, they have more things to do than we have energy! This year we skipped the BIG corn maze as it takes about an hour to complete. We remember Reina did the corn maze when she was Baelor's age, but he has always seemed younger to us than Reina did. I suppose the fact that he is not potty-trained and yes, sadly still uses a binky at night keeps him from growing up. He has gone #2 a couple of times on the potty and frequently goes #1, but only one time has he "caught" it coming and ran to the potty.
 We started the day with the corn pool. Reina loved it last year but didn't find it entertaining this year. It took a while for Baelor to really "dive" in, but eventually it was hard to pry him away from the pool.
 Something new this year was the firetruck! I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed just sitting in the truck. They didn't even get to honk the horn, yet they were content with Just. Sitting. There.

After the tractor-bikes and the hay maze, we spent lots of time feeding the animals.

The goats were very playful and smelled just like the goat cheese logs I buy at Costco. Even the kids like to eat my goat cheese when I have it out. Baelor especially loved the pigs. I told Reina the story about the boastful pig and his curly tail. He prided himself so much with his cute curly tail that one day his pride got the best of him....and his curly tail.

The old "de-kernal-er", was very entertaining for the kids. They could have stayed there for hours doing a little child labor for the farm, but it seemed to be one of the hot spots for all of the kids.

 Before our hayride out to the pumpkin patch we grabbed our hot chocolate that was way too least for me. Although, my pallet isn't as used to heavy sweets so I'm not the best judge of sweetness. I think the ride out to the patch was all one of our favorites. It was nice to take a break and get some cool air. It seems like it's always hotter than expected every year. We'll take the heat over the rain any day :)

A random person took a surprisingly good family picture of us- WE'RE ALL LOOKING!

Look at our buff daddy hauling all of those pumpkins...especially that uber cute one!

We have our primary program soon (the Sunday before Halloween). I teach senior primary, but since we are practicing for it in the chapel, Reina has enjoyed turning around to peek at me multiple times throughout our LONG practices. Reina has a VERY difficult part to memorize. They specifically told Paul that they are giving her a hard part since they know she can do it. We have been memorizing a little each night, but its difficult when you don't even understand words like "proclamation" and "establishment". Not sure why they gave her a much harder part than any of my class of ten year olds? I'm not sure if she will be able to memorize it due to a sudden and severe ear infection that has made her miserable the better part of the week. She has missed 3 days of school because of it. It's gonna require antibiotics. Her first earache and first antibiotics ever! She did learn her lesson to wear her coat and cover her head when it's pouring down rain on the walk home from school.

We hope she feels better for all the Halloween parties approaching!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Family Picture

We originally had our usually photos back in July during our trip to Loon Lake. My sister often takes our pictures here, but I just wasn't content with how they turned out. It wasn't the photographer, just not a good day for Reina or myself. We both had weird expressions in most of them. Here are the only "keepers":

My sister is nearly due with her fifth child so I chose not to ask her for a re-shoot. A friend in our ward enjoys photography and accepted the invitation.
Here are our favorites:
This one's going on the wall

Reina 5 1/2

Baelor 2 1/2

Sunday, October 5, 2014


We officially have a school-aged kid! It's kind of surreal, considering Reina is going to the same elementary school I did. Since I teach an after-school program at Mountain View High School, I am not home when school gets out. Luckily, my mom has a great preschool/childcare center and Reina gets to walk with her friends to and from school. I like to walk to school with the crowd that leaves my mom's house on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to a workout class at the gym that starts promptly at 9am (unless I am substituting).

Sooo excited to walk to school the first day!
Baelor has joined our walks a couple of times, but his little legs are just too slow and I have to end up carrying him. I try to sneak out and just walk with the school kids so I don't have to carry him the majority of the way.

The first week, Reina had Mrs. Harris. She liked her since she came home from school happy and eager for the next day, but one day we got a letter home saying that they have too many 2nd graders and not enough kindergarteners and therefore have to rearrange some teachers and students. To make a long story short, they created a mixed kindergarten/1st grade class to even things out. There were 3 students selected from Mrs. Harris' class to join the mixed class. Reina was one of them since they tested her on various skills and levels, and also the ability to be self-directed. I was happy to hear that she excelled, yet I am a little hesitant at what this "mixed" class will be like. I talked with the principal and we decided if she was not coming home happy as she usually was, then we could move her back to Mrs. Harris' class. To date, she seems to have no issues. Although I am wondering what they do all day considering she rarely comes home with anything; and if she does, it's a coloring page.

When I was Reina's age, I loved Barbies! I loved them up until age 13 and realized I was a little too old to be playing with them still. Reina plays with them for about 2 minutes and then wants to get up and do something, like eat or play outside. Why am I talking about Barbies? I am reliving my childhood love of Barbies through Reina by picking out outfits for her. Yep, I snapped pictures since the first day of school. Some days she has PE which is why she is wearing PE appropriate clothing. As you can also tell, she wasn't very happy to take a picture EVERY morning. I get it. Super annoying. Thanks for putting up with me Reina. Now if it were 100% up to me what she wore, I'd jazz up and all. She is not a big fan of hair things and hair styles so most days I had to keep it really simple. We both are happy to bend a little to appease each other. She is being quite sweet about letting me help her choose her outfits...most days. The weekend she gets to choose completely what crazy and mix-matched outfit she wants. Most of her clothes are either hand-me-downs or consignment. That's how I do little kid clothes.

Her favorite things about school are in this order: PE, Recess, Music, Library, Lunch
She likes when I pack her peanut butter because then she gets to go to the "Peanut Butter Table". Apparently everyone is allergic to nuts. I don't seem to remember this as a child?!? (insert sarcasm)

We got a little worried when on the first day of school, she comes home to report that she wants to kiss a boy named Jack in her class. Yikes! She is her father's daughter. Luckily, she only mentioned kissing someone this one time. Come to find out, there are boys chasing her at recess trying to kiss HER. Reina did NOT want to get kissed because the boy had snot running down his face. Phew!

I think this is a nice school picture...don't you?