Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Barther's Day Daddy!

Red Robin B-day Burger

Birthday 4-wheeling with brother, Steve

Not a typo. I wasn't quite sure how to put Father's Day/birthday in one can comment if you have a better one :) Depending on how you look at it, Paul either gets an extra special weekend since his birthday falls on or the day before Father's Day. Or he gets gypped since he typically only gets one special meal and cake. Either way, Reina and I just LOVE HIM OH SO MUCH! He is such an amazing husband...especially because he is so patient with me. He always wanted to be a daddy, and every weekend he tears up a little with joy at how awesome it is to be a dad. I hope he isn't embarrassed for me saying that he cries. It's the good kind, I promise. And for those of you who may have forgotten he works out of town all week and is only home for the weekends for the past year and half. We are seeing the end of this soon though, thankfully.
I wasn't quite sure what I could get him this year that he really wants or needs, and something completely different than I've done before so I came up with the following.You're my babe, and we love you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Help Please?

As I write the title to this post I'm beginning to think of the Beatles songs that have help in them " me if you can I'm feeling down".  "...I get by with a little help from my friends." "...Help me Rhonda, Help! Help me Rhonda." Okay, I guess the last song was a different boy band, namely the Beach Boys.
This is not the purpose of this post.
Can I post a phrase or title of any of these songs and put it as the title to my blog entry? Or is there some obscure copyright law that will put my rebellious, pirating shenanigans in prison for re-printing an old "Olan Mills" family portrait, or printing off a copy of a piano piece I want accompaniment for? I've always wondered where they draw the line. Does it infringe on copyright laws to take half of a sentence from a textbook and claim it as your own without citing it? I've never researched where the line is. I was in a meeting and this conversation happened to come up about copyright laws. One lady across the aisle from me said "as long as you aren't copying it to sell then it's okay." Another woman right in front of me said under her breath, "no, it's not okay. That's why there are copyright laws."
So I admit, I have no idea where the line is.
This is not the purpose of this post.
This is what happens when you are writing a blog when you should be in bed.
The real purpose to my post is to ask for a little help please. My "help list" is longer than a 6-year old's Christmas list, but just one thing for now.
Blog help.
I just got done looking at some amazing blogs of people I don't know (uh oh, now I'm in trouble for stalking). How do they format things to make them look so professional? I'm lucky if I even get my pictures to load! I wouldn't even know how to start editing a vlog! They have links to this or that, chat rooms, daily thoughts, categories for their many talents (i.e. photography, journals, recipes, inspirations, quotes, and so on.) I want to do that. How did I miss the savvy blogging class? My husband Paul tells me that all I have to do is play around until I find what works and learn as you go. My problem is I don't remember how I did it the first time because too much time past in between to remember it again. I swear I'll have to write it on a paper step-by-step like teaching someone over the age of 80 how to get on the internet.
I'm becoming old. This is one of the signs right? Not knowing all the bells and whistles of technology. I'm not keeping up with this fast-past technological world.
I guess I have to admit that I get bored of being on the computer...I don't want to waste 20 minutes figuring something out that someone experienced can show me in 2 seconds! Okay, so the lessons I've learned today are to be patient and one usually will do what one wants to do. So maybe I don't want to learn badly enough to figure it out myself. If anyone wants to help me out with my blog, I really would think you were an amazingly, tehcnologically advanced pupil.