Sunday, January 11, 2015

Birthdays Galore

I find it can be easy to get the post-holiday blues. It seems from school starting in the fall until the new year, it is non-stop festivities! To avoid the post-holiday blues, I do feel rather blessed to have both of my children with birthdays in January. Although I wish they were not only six days apart as it always feels like I have to quickly finish one to start the other. Okay, it doesn't feel like that, it's the truth! This year has been a little challenging for me emotionally because in my mind and heart I should have been celebrating the birth of another baby (considering they would all be exactly three years apart). Of course this isn't exactly logical, but based on our history and challenges, it appears we were blessed twice around the same time of year.

First, we celebrated a simple family party for Baelor's big 3 year birthday! Since church gets out at noon this year, I decided to do a lunch party! I tried out the Cafe Rio idea that I've intended to do for years now. I LOVE Cafe Rio and the closest one is in Coeur d'Alene when we visit my brother and his family. Let me tell you- IT WAS GOOD! I felt like a true South American who preps all day in the kitchen making everything taste authentic. The only thing I fudged on was the raw tortillas that you just have to cook up on a griddle.
While I was already making Saturday my cooking day, I went ahead and made a cake and frosting from scratch, as usual. I have a serious panic attack thinking of using a box cake mix. I thinks it's the list of weird ingredients; and don't get me started on what's in already-made frosting! I made the cake then tried to figure out a "boy" theme that didn't require much work, or a trip to the party store. I realized Baelor had beyond enough cars. Hmmm. Chocolate? Mud? Monster trucks it was!

Even I got to play with the trucks driving them through the mud to make tracks. This year Baelor really enjoyed the attention of being sang to and blowing out candles. We enjoyed the vast amount of funny faces that Baelor made just while singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles; he does not lack in expressions whatsoever!

Those in attendance were the family that live right here in Vancouver (Aunt Sanni and her family), Grandma and Grandpa Guinn, Mummi and Papa Will and cousin Karter, and even Uncle Steve and his girlfriend Katie (one of my good friends growing up, yeah crazy?)
I was planning on taking some 3 year pictures of Baelor but he's had such a nagging cold that I have to wait until his face doesn't look so droopy.

Baelor stats:
Weight: 29 pounds
Height: 35 1/2 inches
Favorites: Thomas the Train, cars, watching "Wild Krats" (he calls it "Water Krats"), wrestling, playing outside in puddles and mud, doggies, and snuggling.

Dislikes: He does not have interest in anything related to books or drawing. He'd rather figure out why the light turns on and off when you open and shut the fridge, or figuring out gadgets like flashlights or faucets. We've really tried to start the potty-training process. We got him to do pretty well for a few days with mint chocolate chips bribes, but this is no longer good enough nor any other treat in the house. Ugh! He has decided that he no longer will say prayers. It was cute the first time when he said "No, (insert name) turn", but now it's just annoying.
Obsessions: He will not sleep at night without his bally blanket and is strict about you counting out all 4 blankets as you place each one on him while tucking him in. He used to require a glow worm that sang songs for 10 minutes as he went to bed, but since it has been so used it sounds like the worm needs to clear his throat. He will hurl it on the floor if you give it to him. Instead, he has resorted to Reina's rainbow light. Probably his most recent obsessions is gum. I wish I never introduced this because now every time we get in the car he will seriously cry bloody murder until he gets half a piece. I give in too easy. I just can't handle loudness in the car. I'm just now realizing that I think I may be able to bribe going potty with gum? Aye, this sounds painful though.
Food: Gum and more gum, milk especially in a green sippy cup, raisins, plain bread, oatmeal, smoothies, fish.
Although Baelor has had a lingering cold, he is still just a sweet and pleasant little guy. He is mischevious, but all in innocence. We are all passionately in love with our little Guy-ser and can't imagine our home without him! We love you brother!

Just days later Reina had her 6th birthday! She started the day with her favorite breakfast, homemade oatmeal and a gift to open at her chair. An Elsa nightgown. She brought ice-cream cups to school to pass out in her class. It was challenging to come up with an idea. She has a diabetic classmate and others with nut allergies so I had to find something that appeased to everyone's needs. My first thought was a fruit kabob, but what kid really wants a fruit kabob to celebrate a birthday? Reina liked the idea but I could just imagine the other kids in class complaining. Cupcakes, especially homemade is now a big no-no. Cookies have too many possible allergies, and I'd get hate letters from parents if I sent candy. No one said anything about lactose intolerance so I think we were pretty safe with ice cream.

Since she already went to Disneyland for her early birthday, we didn't have another celebration. Well, kind of. I let her take a few friends to JJjump, an indoor inflatable jumping arena. Afterwards, I took the van full of kiddos to Dairy Queen to enjoy some hot eats and cool treats. After opening gifts at home, they played a little and parents picked them up. I was surprised how smooth everything went! There were no complaints from anyone!

Trevin, cousin Heleena, Ella, Norah
Reina is really growing up to be a sweet and thoughtful girl. She can be extremely demanding, yet she can also be extremely considerate. Often she can be like a fourteen year old- everything is very dramatic. She enjoys playing with older friends since they like doing things and have SO MUCH life experience. Haha. She would much rather put on music and do cartwheels than play with her many toys. She likes getting the popular toys like "Ever After High" dolls and "My Little Ponies" yet she rarely plays with them for more than a few minutes. Reina thrives off of friends, conversation, and activities.

A perfect day for Reina would look something like this:
Wearing a t-shirt (a kitty or something Frozen-esque on it), skirt and stretch pants with her hair in a pony tail. Oatmeal for breakfast. Then doing activities all day such as swimming, going to a playground or playhouse. Then lunch at a restaurant such as Red Robin where you get french fries and milk. She'd then want to do something like snuggle on the couch with mommy and watch a movie such as "Room on a Broom". Reina would then want to do something on her own that is creative such as writing a story and then drawing pictures of Christmas trees or her family using colored pencils only. She'd then want to jump on the trampoline with friends and Baelor or ride her scooter. Dinner would be spaghetti, brussel sprouts and apple. Afterwards, would include helping mommy make healthy chocolate chip cookies. She'd then want us to read a whole "Pinky and Rex" series book and retell stories about when she was a little girl while laying next to her in bed.