Thursday, June 30, 2016

End of the School Year Shenanigans

Wow, the school year has already come to a close! Even Reina is surprised how fast first grade went by. She had a GREAT year! She excelled in everything, and since Mr. Valasquez (music teacher) is quite fond of Reina in her musicality, she had a solo for the end of the school year music performance. I felt quite proud that he even introduced her as a bit of a "celebrity" at the school. I'm hoping this is because she is outgoing and excels.

Reina also had her final dance performance in which she performed twelve times in two days! She performed a jazz, tap, and ballet routine and of course dazzled the crowd. We would love to keep her in the pre-professional classes next year. She would be moving up to the next group level and the time and cost is even more intense than this past year. She is only seven...maybe we can hold off for a few years? Still thinking it through this summer. I quickly took a few pictures (literally a few minutes) in her costumes before dance class one day; not top notch photos but at least I got 'em done...and she's super cute with her braces!
Oh yeah, so Reina has to have braces to make space for her permanent teeth that were not able to come in. Supposedly this takes a whole year! This is only phase 1, then when she is older she'll have to get traditional braces. I'm quite surprised since she does have a large mouth that appears to have lots of space?!? She was super-excited to get them...this has quickly faded now that "she" (we) has to floss and can't have a huge list of foods like gum, popcorn, chewy candy, hard fruit and granola bars.
We have had quite a wet winter and spring, but yet we've had unusually hot days in May...near 100 degrees! If it's not raining, we are outside. In early May we took a quick trip to visit my brother and his family. Rowen went on his first hike around Lake Coeur d'Alene. We really do love it there..the scenery, the people, the vibe.
Our kids are lucky that when I am working (as I have also picked up more substituting jobs along with my driver education classes now that Rowen is older) they get playmates all day. Rowen has been advancing SO QUICKLY! He see's everyone else running and riding trikes and talking and building. He wants to imitate them and has quickly gone from barely sitting up to crawling up the stairs and climbing along the furniture. He gets mad if I try to tone him down to a more "de-graduated" level. His favorites are a little trampoline that has a handlebar, step-stools and a little car that holds him in while he drives. I pushed him for 20 minutes in it one day and he'd get mad every time I wanted to be done. Baelor is his own island. He doesn't care much what anyone else is doing, just what his plan is and will stay on that task for a very long time. I guess you call that dedication! Reina just loves to play with people. She likes to lead them, play games and be active. I taught her piano this past year to save time and money on lessons but may put her in traditional lessons this next year as we seem to always have a battle on "lesson day" and I know that she is not advancing as quickly as if she were with a real piano teacher.
Reina had a few field trips this year. In the fall they went to the pumpkin patch in which I chaperoned. Then just recently they went to the zoo and to a Portland Timbers soccer game! I wish I could have chaperoned the zoo trip but siblings were not allowed so I couldn't spend all day away from Rowen. The zoo was of course Reina's favorite field trip. Probably the best chaperone too since her group's dad brought treats and held all of their sweatshirts and lunches for them. I took the kids and cousins Karter and Brielle to the end of the school year carnival. It was hot! Reina was all ready for her dance performance that evening hence the bun and makeup.

We always seem to stay very busy. I don't want to remember always being "busy" trying to finish one task just to do another. I find little moments throughout my day to connect with each of my children.
Of course Rowen gets the bulk of my attention but I always find moments to have a conversation, a game, a learning opportunity or just laughing and playing around. I just think my kids are the coolest.
I feel very blessed to have three healthy and brilliant children that have a love for life. They want to do good. They are curious. They are hilarious. They are happy.
They love getting mauled by our love. Sometimes I can't stand them when they are up to no good or having a bad attitude, (I'm sure you know which kid is which, hehe). 
But then they do the cutest thing or say something that can't be made up by an adult. I think my husband is the most hilarious of husbands. He really is my favorite person. I love how smart he is and that he is willing to be flexible. As we age we not only get less flexible physically, but in our mindset. If I'm in need of something he really tries to deliver. I appreciate all he has done for me and for our family. I know he will do anything for our family, even if it is an arduous task. Recently I happened upon a playhouse that someone was getting rid of...I'll explain in a future post about the whole thing when it's finished but for now, just know that our kids have a daddy that loves them and we love him.