Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Just a little update on the pregnancy:
Less than 3 months left (less than 12 weeks)
Still craving donuts (and give in)
Checking blood sugar which shows it's elevated but no need for medications at this time (yeah!)
I only have two pairs of pants that fit (black stretch pants and prego jeans)
My bellybutton will forever be an outty
I feel great and forget that I'm pregnant...until I get a glimpse of myself or bend over
As I'm getting bigger, everyone else appears to be getting smaller
I cry at silly things on TV

Here is the most recent 28 weeks ultrasound picture:
 Definitely has Paul's mouth and Reina's cheeks. Nose looks more like mine. It's amazing what technology can show, although I'm sure he'll look a little cuter.

The ultrasound technician said everything looks perfect! Good fluid amount, size is right. The baby had his feet and hands in front of his face so he had to really rotate the baby around as I laid almost inverted to get an acceptable picture. It was worth the discomfort. He is not head down, but not worried at this point. With my diabetic issues the docs are always more concerned, but he said to keep doing whatever I'm doing because everything looks great! He said that he doesn't quite know how to diagnose me because I am not typical diabetic at all. It's very confusing and annoying because I can eat the same thing for breakfast one day and have good blood glucose number and have it skyrocket the next! It's something I will have to forever tweak, sadly. We can't believe we only have 12 weeks to go!

22 weeks
24 weeks
26 weeks
28 weeks  
A few pregnancy photos taken by my loving husband. Kind of silly but I like 'em:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Even though I am a driver education teacher, it is Paul who has taught Reina what the different traffic lights mean. What started this was the fact that she'd yell, "Go daddy!" when he was stopped. So Paul had to tell her why he couldn't go. Now that Paul taught her, Reina will say, "Red means stop. Green means go. And yellow means be careful." We've recently had to increase the rules because now she wonders why we turned right on a red light and other inconsistencies. We're still working on this, along with arrows. She has known them for about 3 months now and likes to keep tabs on us that we are following what the light says to do. It's cute...for now.
My mom has also recently been teaching some sign-language. I never got into it with Reina when she was much younger because I felt there was no need when she could already communicate what she wanted. I picked her up one day from my mom's house where they were watching a sign-language video and found myself interested. We've since learned a "handful" of words. I think Reina knows a few more than me so I'll have to catch up!

Top Row: Owen, Assistant Elaine, Kaitlyn, Sophia, Reina, Abigail, Mummi. Bottom Row: Ella, Anna

We have just been so entertained with Reina since she's turned two. She has such a humorous personality, yet she also has a keen sense of understanding. In fact, my mom and I say she is two going on five. She likes to hang out with the older kids and thinks she can do what a five year old can. I  made a mistake of letting her out of the cart at the store when she was walking and now she expects to hardly ever be in the cart. My bad. I won't make that mistake with the next one! She does remind me that when she turns five she gets to go on a school bus and go to school.

She said one of the cutest things the other day. We were driving in the car talking about her birthday (this has been a frequent conversation topic while driving). She has already told me her birthday is in Jan-wary and who she wants to come to her birthday party and that she wants lots and lots of balloons. She now wants her "baby brother to come on to her birthday party in Jan-wary." (tear) Hmmmm....this might actually come true, much to my chagrin.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"We Will Rock You!"

I don't post videos very often, but just had to post this one! Just to set the record, I have never taught a single cheer to Reina. I was a cheerleader for 2 years in junior high but never really liked it more than the outfits and pom-poms so replaced it with dance team in high school which was my true love. Reina has been picking up some cheers from her friend Elizabeth who is a 1st grader.

Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old, huh?