Friday, June 12, 2015

Second Trimester

Wow! This pregnancy is going fast! I am now starting my last trimester as this baby is due in early September. I have been taking weekly photos to chart this baby bump. I forgot to take any pictures for a couple of weeks due to a very annoying eye infection I have been dealing with. To cover up my icky eyes I have been wearing my fake prescription glasses. It started out with what was supposed to be a stye. I had to research this as I've never had one before. I think I've only had pink eye once in my life, so eye issues are new to me. The medicine the doctor gave me didn't do anything but make it look more red and irritated. It got progressively worse as more little white bumps were forming, and even spread to both eyes! Not just that but painful too. I had to go see an opthomalogist who said I had a clogged duct in one eye and cellulitis in the other eye which was actually far worse than expected. Great. So he prescribed a safe antibiotic for pregnancy. By the time I got around to start taking the prescription my body finally started to kick in and heal the wounds. I hardly have any infection anymore and I now have a whole bottle of antibiotic if I need it. I'll avoid taking it if possible as I am not a fan of drugs.
Gender Reveal
17 weeks
18 weeks

19 weeks
20 weeks

Since I skipped a couple of weeks AND no ballroom dancing (sad face) I've really seen a growth...and so has everyone else. I think this little guy is gonna be a big one, just like our 9 pound Reina was. I seem to be measuring larger unlike our small 7 1/2 pound Baelor.

I have been feeling good, as expected and still able to do everything I normally do. Still doing my regular workouts and busy schedule. I'm been eating a lot though. Everything tastes good. Maybe that's the problem with my growing tummy (wink, wink!) If you couldn't tell most of my weekly pictures were taken on Sunday.
21 weeks
22 weeks

23 weeks
26 weeks

I have had to keep close watch on my blood sugar (yep, insulin and needles and lots of pricks every day to make sure I'm on track). Unless you have type 1 diabetes, you have NO IDEA how your daily life is interrupted by this quiet disease. It is the bane of my existence. Blood sugar running too high or too low could mean emergency room, coma, or death. It's pretty scary stuff and as I am learning more about this disease, I so hope they find a cure or at least way of reducing the risks involved with diabetes. So far, so good with my diabetes. The only scary incident I have had was a few weeks ago. Late one night before bed I took the wrong kind of insulin. It ended up being WAY too much. In fear that I would collapse into a coma, I quickly woke Paul up and we quickly rushed to the emergency room waiting area just in case something happened. Grandpa quickly came over to stay with the kids while I was chomping on candy all the way there. Luckily, I was safe and was able to avoid actually being admitted into the hospital.

My latest ultrasound at 26 1/2 weeks shows baby growth is right on track at 2 pounds 1 oz. Yeah! Everything looks perfect, even his smooshy face.

So finally it seems my eyes have cleared up. I've been really hesitant about wearing eye makeup and I've actually been pleased with my makeup-free eyes. I seem to look fresher. Or maybe I'm just getting used to getting ready in 15 minutes now including shower time!

Hopefully I can post a finished baby room soon. We are in the process of putting it together, but we have been spending a lot of our free time outside with the awesome weather we've had!