Monday, May 16, 2011

Tulip Festival

I am so excited to have a new digital SLR camera! I have been drooling over one for some time now and finally got one...I'm a definite newby and still have to read the piles of manuals on the functions and options but wanted to give it a "test drive" by going to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn. I got a few nice pictures but still have a ways to go. I would like to get a special flash, but will have to do without for a little while.

This was the first Easter that Reina really enjoyed, and we as parents enjoyed seeing her actually get into the Easter egg hunting! The Easter Bunny hid them in rather easy places since Reina is only 2, but she found all 15 eggs in less than 2 minutes! I guess we'll have to tell him to hide them much better next year! It smelled in our fridge terribly because with each egg Reina found she threw them in her basket so ALL the eggs were cracked and the smell of egg wafted through the house.

The last weekend in April/first weekend in May we had the opportunity to visit my brother and his family in Coeur d'Alene for their 4th child's baby blessing, Finn Robert Scarborough. Is was a short but sweet visit. It was nice riding with Grandma and Grandpa Scarborough in their new and roomy Honda Accord, but I guess with 5 people and a car seat it wasn't quite so roomy. Reina had a great time because there was always someone to talk to if mommy was driving or daddy was sleeping. Suprisingly I did the chunk of the driving this time which I rarely do on a trip! We stopped at this great little farm that has fresh-made salsas, dips, flavored popcorns, chocolates, we tasted a little of everything and ended of course with some yummy ice cream- we stopped both ways :)
My brother and his family live literally right across the street from a great hiking trail along a mountainside. This is always a fun little hike we get to enjoy on our visit to Idaho. Reina didn't join us on the hike because she was busy jumping on the trampoline with six of her other cousins. She opted off the trampoline when the big cousins (Kaija and Riley) were jumping since they could bounce real high. It was a nice break for the weekend to getaway and eat well and play games. Emily always spoils us with good food, and games with my family are always a hoot!