Friday, April 24, 2015

A Real Spring Break

For the first time EVER I took a full week of spring break off of work! Usually I get caught up with driving students during this time. I have missed out on so much of the day-to-day events with Reina being in school and me working that I've just really missed the little things that a mom does all week. We didn't go away anywhere because Paul had to fill in for the other doctor who took a real vacation. Kinda bummed about this but I tried to do little activities with the kids throughout the week.
Reina finally got a library card! We have been to the library before but apparently everyone in her class has their own library card. I didn't know kindergarteners could get their own. We spent a whole lot of time there collecting a couple chapter books for Reina and an arm load of Bearnstein Bears books. I quizzed Baelor on recognizing his lower-case letters with this fun mat. I'd say he scored a 97%. A kind little girl even got them all hooked up to watch "Peep". I drooled at some interior design magazines.

Quizzing Baelor on his lower-case letters, numbers, and colors
We stopped at the Humane Society and always "choose" the pet we'd come home with. Here is our choice:

Reina got to choose some knick-knacks at Goodwill. You can't tell from scale but these are all really tiny. She has always loved tiny things.

Of course we took trips to the park. The weather has been on and off sun/rain this week so you can't really plan too much outside on any particular day.

Reina had a play day with her friend Abby at our house. I forgot a picture of them. They've been friends since Reina was two. She also had her friend Ella come over to play one afternoon.
After daddy and neighbor Stu mowed the lawn,
Baelor had to get in on the action.
One super-fun event was ice-skating! This was Reina's first time. She started out quite wobbly and held onto the wall at least five times around the rink, but she stayed positive and was determined to do it without holding on. Reina does not give up on something she really wants to do well. I was quite surprised how I didn't hear whining when I gave her some instruction, but rather an athlete's determination. We were both very proud of how well she did. Great job Reina

On another day we went to JJjump. Oh boy, I didn't know little kids can get so sweaty!! After burning all those calories they ate up their pizza. Even picky Baelor ate all of his pizza! We brought some to daddy at work while the kids enjoyed watching a movie at the office so I could sneak off to my Zumba class.

Pizza at Costco. Both Reina and I were surprised even Baelor ate more of his pizza than her!!
Chocolate sundaes make for one gross face!
Of course we had to drop in at Mummi's and say "hi" to all of their friends (and get an already made lunch). Baelor has really impressed us lately with his vocabulary. His sentences are far more detailed and easier to understand, but I didn't know he could build this?!? Sometimes I forget he is growing up because he is still not potty-trained. Sigh.
Finally by Saturday, Paul wasn't working and we thought it would be fun to finish the week off with swimming! On our way to the pool, Baelor threw up all over himself and the carseat. It was bad. Reina immediately started to cry because she knew it meant she would not get to go swimming. Since she was looking so forward to it, Paul suggested I take her while he cleaned and bathed Baelor. I think I got the better end of the deal! Reina has been scared to go down the slide every time we've gone in the past. I guess being a big kindergartener means you are not afraid anymore. She went down a few times on my lap, then the rest of the time she wouldn't stop going down by herself! It looks like she is ready for Great Wolf Lodge where there are many slides.
 I had all of these plans to do it all during spring break: get projects done, make dinner every night, do fun things with the kids, be an awesome wife... So, I didn't get everything done but overall I feel the important stuff happened. It was a good week.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


So like most people for Easter with children, we did the whole egg hunting event. Normally the kids get dressed up in matching outfits for church...cuz that's what you do, right? Well, this year we happened to have General Conference (watching church on TV in our comfy jammies) on Easter weekend.
I tried to keep it extra special since both are very rare for us. This sounds crazy but because breakfast was special and not just cereal, I made homemade oatmeal and bacon! Yup. Our kids love homemade oatmeal and can eat way more of this than any pancake breakfast. Although I'm sure if I gave them ooy-gooy cinnamon rolls like many other families have they would have no problem gobbling them up. After the first session of conference we did a small little Easter hunt outside. I didn't have any planned outfits so I just tried to make it look like I did. How did I do?
We joined the rest of my family who live in town for Easter dinner. Good food, good family, and good General Conference made a delightful Easter Sunday. Reina has always been very interested in learning more about our Savior and His resurrection. I showed her a couple of videos on the church website that really glorify Him and all that He has done for each one of us. Paul and I have a hard time really taking in all eight hours of talks for Conference with little kids. So the past couple years we have downloaded the talks and listen to them in the car. This helps tremendously!

Friday, April 10, 2015


What a mild month we have had! The weather has been so pleasant and not rainy that we have had multiple days of outdoor fun! I love that with my job I get to see the beautiful blooms on the trees in all their varieties and some spectacular views! There have been lots of trips to the park with family.

Mummi celebrated her 29th birthday again so I had everyone come over and enjoy a true Finnish Strawberry cake. I make at least two a year.

Paul's "I'm a Guinn Twin" shirt

We went on a 2 mile hike with the kids to Lacamas Lake Park (just a short 10 minute drive away). We didn't want to go too far as we haven't tested how far Reina can really hike. She did awesome! It did help that they had a fun little park nearby.

For St. Patrick's Day I tried to pack all things green in Reina's lunch. Well, I got about half of it green including green peas and green jello. For dinner we had an Irish feast of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and onions, and dessert was mint chocolate ice cream.

Reina has been begging me for months for some glasses like mine. I finally got around to letting her choose some. I guess she liked mine! By the way, neither of us have a prescription.

Reina inspired me to wear mine on our "fancy dinner" date night

...and her friend Ainzlee

We had our ward talent show that Paul and I were in charge of. Phew! Glad it's over and it went very well! Paul did an AMAZING job as the host. He had to come up with all the jokes in between acts. He even did a made-up version to George Michael's "Faith". He totally nailed it! My cha-cha and hip hop dance went well-ish? The first part great, but I kind of messed up the hip hop portion with my mom and friend Melissa. My brain was not thinking about my dance as I had to prep for each act going up next. Oh well, I guess no one really noticed. Reina and her friends did spectacular at their Zumba dance to "Waka Waka". So dang cute! Everyone says that they will never look at us the same way again! Hopefully all good, right? You can watch Reina's and Paul's. Mine got taken off Youtube for copyright infringement :(

Reina's Waka Waka dance

Paul's opening George Michael parody

Here's some other random March happenings:
Usually I'm not one for tattoos, but I liked these gold ones. Apparently Reina AND Baelor did too.
Chinese with Steve and fiance Katie

If we ever go to Ikea, the kids are lucky if we stop to get frozen yogurt at my favorite shop.

Kids Club birthday party (they are waiting for the bucket of balls to fall on them)

Baelor and cousin Karter being put to good use washing Papa Will's car
Picnic in the park