Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Over my Head

I am hoping I can pull this off....pregnancy and life. My pregnancy has had some major changes this last week. I am officially gestational diabetic again, which is contributed directly to my condition, PCOS. Pregnancy intensifies my insulin resistance 3x my normal amount which is not good. Actually, the diabetic counselor today said that my fasting numbers (blood sugar when I wake up in the morning) are some of the worst. Great. So now on top of normal pregnancy appointments that are almost weekly, the baby has to be monitored twice a week for an hour (possibly more), and then in a few weeks 3x a week. Ugh. I opted for insulin injections this time since they are 100% safe. I took medication with Reina, but didn't really work anyway since she was 9+lbs. This means I have to learn to stab myself 3x a day at the same time. Eat at the same time. Monitor what I eat. Write it down. Then prick myself an hour later to see if I "did good" with choosing the perfect food for my body (which is only done with trial and error). Oh yeah, I was involved in a minor car accident awhile back (not my fault) and still have chiropractic adjustments and massage appointments twice a week. I'm not complaining about getting a massage, just having a hard time figuring my schedule of work and pregnancy appointments to coincide when they have openings. Oh yeah, I am supposed to exercise everyday (to keep blood sugar down), but can't 2 hours after eating or I'll get a sudden low blood sugar. This means I have to get up earlier to eat breakfast, so I can wait and then go to my normal workout classes. Also due to my blood sugar problems combined with pregnancy, I have a fibroma growing behind a tooth. I have to go get that removed which is not covered by my insurance and there were no promises of it not coming back. So I have been in and out of dental appointments too. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I also am having hearing problems. After a birthday party that Paul and I attended in the beginning of November, I have a strange low humming in my ears that comes and goes. I went to the doctor to get tested since I stayed up one night googling my symptoms and getting completely scared that I'm going deaf or will have to deal with it for the rest of my life. NEVER GOOGLE DISEASES AT NIGHT. Luckily she saw nothing and I had no hearing loss, but then she referred me to a specialist. I am still debating to go as this could just be a weird pregnancy thing, or a weird cold thing as it comes and goes. I am putting this one on hold. I am still working until Christmas break....if I can just hold out until the break then half my stress will be gone and I can focus on the baby and my crazy body right now.
I don"t physically look like a basketcase, but I really could do without a few of these things. For the record, I do love being pregnant. I enjoy pregnancy as I never feel sick or unusually tired or achy or like a whale, just wish my inside body enjoyed it as much. I don't feel diabetic whatsoever. To end on a good note, the ultrasounds show that the baby is normal weight, normal fluid amount, and apparently my placenta is "very young". Huh? I didn't know placentas had an age limit. I learned that placentas apparently age up to 10 months. Okay, this makes sense since you deliver around 9 months. But with someone who has gestational diabetes, they usually age very quickly. Mine is still just a teenager. So at least some parts of me are liking pregnancy along with my mind.  I hope I can still stay positive despite this craziness right now!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Makes Me Happy

Fresh from the farm
Wreath I made
Put together this cute Halloween house
I LOVE fall! All of the changing leaves, the wind and thunderstorms, the cool, crisp air that's reminds you to add an extra layer. That is, until the rain decides it wants to stay for the next 6 months starting November 2nd. I'm happy to go on excursions looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve. I'm happy to decide what "theme" our family should be for Halloween. I'm happy to eat all the pumpkin I want...if you didn't know, I have an exceptional love for pumpkin anything. Here are this year's fall excursions:

Pumpkin picking at Bi-Zi Farms
Munching on kettle corn
The slickest and muddiest corn maze...soooo fun!

Making animal feed
Climbing the hay stack
We visited my brother's family in Coeur d'Alene....COLD but very pretty!
Superheroes: Batgirl, Supergirl, The Punisher...it was cold so we had LAYERS

Teem, Miia, Luukas, Kaija, Emily, Finn
Two girlies jumping on the "peloween"
Trick-or-Treating downtown Coeur d'Alene
Pumpkin carving in Coeur d'Alene with Grandma & Grandpa Scarborough
Paul did Angry Bird and Reina "did" Minnie Mouse