Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our Rose from the South in Her PInk Shoes

This is Reina's second year in her ballet class at Dayley Dance Academy. She has been continuing her learning of basic ballet poses and various leaps. We have seen such a drastic improvement in her ability to maintain the poses in proper form, flexibility, and overall skill. Being her mom, of course I am proud of her but I do feel she is one of the top students in the class. I'm not sure what to do about next year as the new baby will be born right as dance class starts again, AND the fact that she is above skill level as most of her peers in class. Her teacher, Angela, suggested she try out for the elite group but it just so happened she was very sick the day of tryouts and I"m not sure that I can commit all the time and money. It's just a very stressful time right now so I'm gonna have to play it by ear.
 Even Baelor sometimes gets to join in at dance class
I snuck a few cellphone pics as they were posing for class/individual pictures
Reina and her cousin Heleena (who are in the same dance class) performed two ballet routines to "Roses from the South" and "Barbie and the Pink Shoes". Reina looked like a perfect, pink ballerina despite the goofy grin of new, loose, and freshly fallen teeth.
She waited to get two things until after her performance: ears pierced and a haircut! She has been waiting for weeks now so I took her straight after the performance. A little nervous but she picked out some cute little silver heart earrings.

 And now that she doesn't need a bun, a new haircut!