Saturday, April 14, 2012

3 months

I am getting so excited to see Baelor Leevi grow into his personality! Yes, the newborn stage is good in it's ooey-gooey goodness, but honestly, I'm not much of an infant lover. Baelor is just a smiling machine! I think Heavenly Father blessed me with a smiley one because Reina wouldn't break a smirk for my cheesy/high squeeling mommy faces. So, thanks for the baby who relishes in my exaggerated expressions.

the sight of mommy
diaper changes
his binki (although still can't keep it in too well)
his swing for short naps
really warm baths
discovering his knuckles
smiles every time he sees his sister (or as Reina says "stister")
music....especially sung in front of his face

Baelor enjoys conversations and likes to show-off by kicking his feet and "saying" his favorite word "hi"....he really can say it well. He is just an easy baby. As long as he is fed, he is quite patient. Baelor is a modge-podge of least on my side of the family. Sometimes I see my sister Tarja, or my other sister Sanni. Yet sometimes I see his cousin Finn (my bro's boy). Lots of Finnish in him, I think. We are just in love with this little guy, including Reina. He is already getting some nicknames: Reina mispronounced "brother" and said "butter" so I often call him "butters" or another word with "butter" in it like butternut squash, or buttermilk pancakes. It suits him with his ginormous cheeks! One time I called him "butter face" and Paul said I can never call him that again....I guess it's a rude name to call a girl? You'll have to ask your husbands what this means :)

Paul discovered a way to get rich via baby gear; just come up with a silly name and people will buy it. It's true! Just off the top of my head I have a few silly items: Petunia Pickle Bottom (diaper bag), Moby (wrap), Ergobaby (carrier), Bumbo (chair), Boppy (pillow), Peg-Perego (stroller). So that's just a few that I own. Some others I've heard of : Bumbleride, Bugaboo, Wubanub, RaZbaby, Beaba, Robeez. There's a whole other dimension when it comes to cloth baby diapers... Bummis, FuzziBunz, silly, but we may have to get in on the baby gear phenomenon! 
Baelor on my baby blanket