Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Cowboy Kind of Halloween

Our little family likes to dress up in themes, or maybe it's just me that does. And what Mommy says goes, so we always have a theme for Halloween. It just looks so fun when you get a whole family looking the part! Last year we were from the Medieval era. This year we went Country since Paul and I already had costumes and we pretty much already had what I needed for the kids. It was so simple this year!

We had trunk-or-treat at our church building the night before Halloween and then went around the neighborhood with neighbor friends from church. Reina seemed so much bigger this year since she was hanging out with friends for trick-or-treating. Baelor mostly was carried, but many times when he went up to the door to collect his treat, the wife would say "Oh (insert husband's name here), you have to come see this cutest little cowboy." He was a trooper and didn't mind all the hustle and bustle.

Day before Halloween she got to be Rapunzel (found wig in our costumes box and just braided it)

Now what to do with all this candy? Reina prefers the Cheetos she received over sweets. Although she has discovered the pleasure of M&M's.

Dressed to survive
The drive in already had "walkers" trying to get through the fence
A few days before Halloween Paul and I did our first organized run together. It was a Zombie 5k run. It was challenging in that you had to dodge through whole packs of creepy-looking zombies. If you could get through the race without all three of your flags being snatched from the zombies then you are a survivor. Paul lost two right away because there was such slippery leaves he tripped and fell. I had two until the very end where there was an "unusual" amount of zombies (although, let's be honest, any amount of zombies would be unusual). I didn't see a single person escape without cheating in some way- very difficult. The run itself was not even a factor when you are trying to fake-out the walkers.

If this were real, we would not have run toward the zombies without a plan or weapons. I'd prefer a Katana (Japanese-style sword) since my accuracy with a gun is not the greatest. Paul would prefer a hatchet and an assault rifle so he could fight from a distance or close up. Just remember to go for the head and you'll be okay.