Monday, January 9, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Our family has had some fun on our new quads this year...but I'd have to say that the muddier it is, the better! This Thanksgiving break we had quite a bit of rain which made for some fun times at Uncle Bryan and Wendy's house! Paul's brother Matthew and his family came to visit from Utah and they joined in on the fun, too! We had a great time with them and sure wish they would move up here where more than half of the Guinn family lives! (hint, hint). We had, I think, six quads going at a time around the dirt-bike track on their property. So fun! We even had a campfire going to warm up. Afterwards we ate dinner, played, and talked. Couldn't have asked for a better day.
Look at that action shot!
I love how excited Reina gets when her cousin Madeleine comes to visit. They share the same birth month and definitely resemble each other, and even have some similarities in personality. Go figure with twin brother dads! Even Baelor was old enough to really appreciate his cousin Benjamin who is a year older than him. They played so well together! As for Rowen and Suzette, they toddled around as toddlers are known to do. I was pleased that there was not one argument amongst the kids the whole visit! The girls even got to help make pies with Grandma for Thanksgiving. They looked so cute helping out in their aprons.
In early November, when the weather didn't quite switch to super cold and wet, I took the kids on a hike nearby at Lacamas Lake/ Round Lake. I am aching to do some hiking and wanted to test the kids out for some future hiking in the spring. They did FABULOUS. I was pleased that rather than complaining they were even more thrilled as the path became more treacherous. (I like to go off the path sometimes to get a better view!) I promise the kids were not in danger *too* much.
I had to put a few cute pictures of our cuties! It's crazy to think that when these pictures were taken of Rowen he wasn't quite 15 months yet! This child is officially growing up too fast! I don't know if he will be my last so I want him to stay my baby just a little longer. But it sure is fun to see him run, sing, and see his mind figure things out. Everyday these three make me laugh and get frustrated. I'll take it all for moments like these.
 We finally played "Pie Face" again one night for FHE. Rowen did NOT like it at all. He did not think it was funny to see us get smacked in the face with something white. I TOTALLY see his perspective. We only got through one round...just enough for everyone to sneak some whip cream.

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